Why Step out of your zone? Camping, Hiking & the great outdoors!!

Looking back at our summer especially now that early fall is here I can really appreciate the beauty and diversity of our Maine Landscape and what it has to offer during the fall, spring and summer months!  I love that We have so many trees here!! So many wooded and secluded places to camp!! Ponds, rivers and oceans to play, swim and boat in!! Mountains to hike and bike!! and many other outdoor activities to get involved in… I Just Love it!! I also love sharing These activities with you!!

However if you can’t visit this lovely state, why not get inspired to have your own outdoor adventure in whatever state, city or country you live in!! Today’s blog will do just that, I’ll share some of our favorite spots we enjoyed this summer!!

Why Step out of your zone??

First things first though, why? Why get outdoors and into Nature? Well for one being outdoors is good for you! Plus it’s fun!  Especially if you have a family, you’ll be making memories of a lifetime, for you and your kids!! It’s good for your mental health, it’s a proven fact being out in nature is therapeutic! It’s also good for your physical health!!  It will also instill feelings of appreciation which helps your mental help. For me I think of our wonderful creator Jehovah God, (*Gods name in the bible) the greatest designer and artist! I love the perfect harmony and color combination in everything we see when we’re outdoors especially when taking in the amazing scenery on top of a mountain or a beautiful sunset!! Can’t help but feel thankful and feel loved!!

There are so many wonderful things to be experienced when you get outside and into nature,  like the calm feeling of being among green giants we call trees. The wonderful feeling you get after hiking or walking in the woods, having gotten your exercise for the day!! The clarity of mind and reinvigoration from being in the great outdoors. Like the beach!! The experts even say It adds to our creativity as well..

Often times you invigorate your senses! The sounds are amazing, how about that clean mountain air, even the rain sounds and looks amazing after a rainstorm!! (when you’re dry of course!!)

There are so many more reasons the Great outdoors are so good for you, just check out the web… you get the idea when you pull up an array of websites that give you many more reasons to get outside and into nature!! So go ahead get out there and try some of these fun things! Go ahead and even just a simple walk to your day, outside of course!!


A great activity to get you outside and in the wild woods is hiking!!


Although we’re still settling in from our move we wanted to take advantage of the summer vacation with our kids!! So one of the activities we did This summer was  hiked tumbledown mountain in weld Maine, it was an absolutely gorgeous day.. the trail we took was called the Loop trial, we took this up the mountain. We took brook on the way down.. it is an intermediate level hike I would say.. and i only fell twice.. oops.. but i was ok.. The top was spectacular, we even did an excursion to fat mans misery!! My friend got a kick out of this tight cavelike opening between to rocks but the vista once you made it past the divide was amazing!¡!

If your just staring out google for a list of trails around your area, or walking paths!! Walking paths are a wonderful way to get out!


Another great activity is Camping!,

Our camping was equally amazing minus the red aunts  and duck doo doo at our site, that’s what we were hoping it was anyway!! But despite that and adjustments like cleanup and tent relocation was done, we could really appreciate  the magnificent views of Richardson Lake!!




We stayed at a remote campsite on Paugus 1 and Paugus 2 @ Southarm Campground in Andover Maine!! One of the things We learned is The importance of adapting  to nature, when it rained and down poured at times we changed our plans for the day or night!  Our campsite was remote meaning We had to get to our site by boat, it was an awesome feeling being away from everything… even if it was only a couple miles from the Main campground!

New to camping? How about renting a rustic cabin, or cabin? Your bed is already there!! That’s fun too! If you want to tent, Check out places that offer services to help you and your family set up a campsite or take a tutorial on to how to do this!! It’s  not that hard!! It just takes practice!!



I brought my friend to visit Crescent Beach the other day i was so amazed at her reaction to the beautiful landscape in which we found ourselves!! She absolutely loved the tranquility here!! The ocean waves, sand, shells and the sun, she said this was good for her depression!! It’s so true getting out can do wonders to how we feel!!

As we walked along the beach, which I love to do…she also pointed to the fact that I had her walking, she doesn’t get out often to walk either!! Im so proud of friend, we had a wonderful beach day and the weather was perfect!! She’s planning to bring her family to enjoy the beach and lighthouse nearby soon!!

Visiting The Beach really is great therapy too!! I absolutely love it!!

In conclusion there are so many fun things to do in the great outdoors!! It’s good for your health, physical & mental health!! Why not try hiking, camping or visiting a beach! You will love it!!


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