It’s starting to Feel like Home!! & An Awesome Bookcase for your Library!!

Sunday was another milestone at our Country home that we moved into!! We can finally put our books in their proper places on the bookshelves!  Yay!!  You see it’s been 5 months since we moved in and it’s been a whirlwind of a move, The dust seems to have settled down enough for us to finish a few projects and start putting things in their place and feel alittle more organized! My husband was able to make our entertainment center/library!! I absolutely love it!!

So this is part of what my project looked like, I put a lot of books away !! It was a good feeling to empty out about 10 boxes full of books, including photo albums!! Yay!


Ifs finally beginning to feel like home and I Love it!! We’re using the white Ikea Billy/Morliden bookcases, I love them! It’s a book lovers dream shelving!!

Although We have so much more work to do to put this house completely together, I’m so happy with our accomplishments thus far!! Yay

Thanks so much for Reading, have a wonderful day!! Happy projects!!


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