A simple hotdog/hamburger, & exciting day taking down Trees!!

Today was another exciting day here on what seems like a mountain cabin home!! Although we’re surrounded by about 1 acre and ahalf of trees it seems like we live on a mountain full of them!! Lol!! It’s been two weekends of cutting down trees!! It’s been so exciting to watch the boys work, and watch these giants fall!! “Timber”!! I’m proud of my dad who has been a woodsman/logger for at least 20 years, grateful he’s helping up take down dead trees :). My husband and son are learning and helping too! Thanks guys!!

Today’s job was to take down two trees connected to each other!! It was amazing to watch them come down!!  Perfect landing too!! Good job pops!!  Another neighbor watched and was impressed too!!

So today’s simple yet filling and yummy meal was hotdogs for my family and my dad had a hamburger 🙂 no bun for hamburger  But we always have used sandwich bread when we’re out!! Smashed potatoes, coleslaw and baked beans 🙂 yumm!! I had tilapia for my meal with the smashed potatoes, coleslaw and beans 🙂 yumm!!

Yummy! Yummy!! I think everyone was happy!!
So after a hard days work & long school week this was a simple meal with easy cleanup 🙂

Today was a gorgeous fall day, hope everyone had a great day!! Thanks for visiting and following along 🙂


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