Yummy Tilapia, smashed potatoes, coleslaw & bean dinner

Here’s my dinner tonight!! Keeping things balanced with alittle fish 🙂 I’ve been mostly plant based but sometimes adding fish & chicken to my diet 🙂 However when the rest of the family love their hot dogs, (not my favorite to feed them) but when I make it we’re trying to keep it as healthy as posible!! So nítrate free is best, all beef and sometimes a regular frank or red for an extra treat for them 🙂

 and for my father who doesn’t eat hotdogs at all because of his heart troubles, a hamburger will due!!  I made and served three types of meals today! I feel like I have a restaurant sometimes 🙂 lol!

My meal topped with onions and a avocado was delicious!! I don’t have meat too often but I really enjoyed this meal! Yummy!!

Thanks for reading & following along 🙂 have a goodnight!! 💤😴🌙


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