The Journey begins, Roadtrip across the U.S. to Washington state!!

I’m so exited we’re heading out today despite leaving with heavy hearts! Sadly We had to put our dog down yesterday! But on to our journey, from Maine to Niagara Falls, Washington state, Oregon & then finally to Yellowstone before coming home!!

Our rig is a 2004 Coachman Roadmaster!! Yee haw!! The hubby has been working on it around the clock for months 🙂 he replaced all the spark plugs, coil packs, hoses, oil, fuel & airfilters, belts, floor, rear end diferencial fluid, greased all the steering components, changed wipers, changed generator oil, fixed blinkers, fixed plumbing, replaced cabin carpeting 🙂 cleaned Map sensor, Replaced the microwave with air-fryer, He did a lot 🙂 I painted a couple walls to make it feel more homelike 🙂 & modern 🙂 I’ll post about that eventually 🙂

I made sure we had snacks, food, gifts, toiletries, meds, bedding for all the beds inside the Rv 🙂 clothes. Clean the house for house guest staying at our house while we’re gone 🙂 it’s a lot when you go on vacation but so worth it 🙂

So let the adventure & fun begin!! My dad calls our Rv “the bucket of bolts” let see if we make it!! Hahahah!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂 follow along

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