3 Simple tricks to get organized today!!

Hola friends!! Today’s blog story comes from Mainechica’s Designs & organizing, a business I’m so exited to have started!! I worked with a client who needed help organizing her bedroom which also serves as her studio apartment 🙂


Organizing can be quite a challenge when we live such busy lives & so sometimes we need alittle help to get our things in order!! Sometimes we may just have a lot of stuff too!! That’s where I come in!! You can reach out to an organizer, or you may just need some helpful tips!! So here are a few to help you get organized :).

Organizing is a precursor to designing a beautiful space!! So go ahead & get started!!

Included in this post are a few ideas from Amazon, as I am also an Amazon affiliate, which means I get a small commission on anything you buy from any links I post 🙂

1-Work on your Decluttering skills

So where to start? You start by Decluttering!! But you may ask how do I do that?? What I like to do is to start with throwing away any garbage!! Then catergorize!! Take out everything & sort into piles, this way you can see what you have!! Then comes the fun part!! What do you have to sort into??? Do you have bags?? Bins? Baskets?? We used cloth bins that my client had on hand!!

2-Eliminate items

Also it’s good to have 3 boxes/construction bags, 1)one to keep, 2)one to throw away & 3) another to donate!! Then have baskets, or bins to sort what you want to keep!!

3-Break up the task

If you have what seems like a mega mountain like task, why not start with a small section! Focus on that area & move along to other areas of the room, or your house!! You will be so glad you did!!

So for my client, we worked on just one section, her coffee table area! It went from messy to fabulous!! Unfortunately I can’t show you all we did to respect my clients wishes but I can show you the results 🙂

What do you think??

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