Look what we saw chowing along the roadside!!

We had a cute encounter with a deer the other day, I just had to share! You guys know how much I love wildlife!

There we were eating the lunch we had picked up from Wendy’s!! We had to eat anyways so why not eat along this cute fella, so I pulled over!! There he was looking at us and chewing, looking and chewing! For a while actually, It wasn’t until my son decided to try to mimic his father’s deer caller that he seemed to have gotten offended And slowly walked away!! Lol!! We enjoyed this cute wildlife encounter!!


Hope you are well, we’ve been recovering from hurricane Isaias here on the east coast. I’ve been without a steady internet connection for a few days but glad we’re back on. Some people I believe lost power for a few days, I feel sorry for those that may still be without power!! Hope everyone’s is safe! Have a wonderful evening!! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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