Fun Entertaining with Snacks & a fire, even if it’s with your immediate family!!

In this Covid19 era entertaining can be slim to none, and if we have friends over there’s a lot of caution involved to prevent spreading germs!! Many Are just avoiding entertaining altogether and that’s a great way to prevent spreading and catching this disease but there are others that may be allowing Patio visits and that’s ok too! But on this post I’m happy to say our visit was just with my immediate family- so just us and it was so fun!

We had some friends that had planned over to come by for a short patio visit but it didn’t happen and that’s ok!! But I thought it would be fun to still have a snack, drinks, and a fire with the family!! It was So lovely!!

My initial thought if our friends came over was serving wine, Beer and juice for the kids! I had planned sitting around a cozy fire and catching up a but, But then I thought it makes me feel blah if I can’t serve my friends something and show hospitality!! So I thought I can make paper plate serving containers and serve French fries and Used a boxed chocolate cake mix to make cupcakes served on foil squares frosted with raspberry jam!! So delicious!! It’s easy and quick to whip up!! While making my snacks we decided another day would be better. But the snacks came out great!! So I decided why not entertain with just the family, and make it special!

The French fries were frozen and baked in the oven,, super easy!! Another thought was making a shredded meat to put on top! Yummy for our meat eating friends 🙂 but decided to make it for next time!!!


And Individual Water for the family to go along with it 🙂

Our friends couldn’t stop in but we went for our walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed our snacks and wine when we got home!! I loved entertaining even if it was just with immediate family!! Why not make special time with just your immediate family, they will feel just alittle more special!! It’s so much fun too!!

Patio visits can be short and sweet, easy entertaining and a good chance to say hello!! Make it special by serving a snack!!

I always feel if I can’t serve you something then it isn’t right! So have some easy supplies on hand and containers to serve in and make it special for your friend or family that stop in for a patio visit 🙂



Hope you’re having a wonderful summer and enjoying time with your family!! Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful evening!!

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