Our 5 favorites at Yellowstone National Park & highlights!!

So as we return home, we’re returning with wonderful memories of our road trip!! We’ve  been so blessed to experience Yellowstone 🙂 What a joy it was to visit this incredible park!! We went into our vacation with an idea of what to do, thanks to my friend Ashley…but didn’t expect to fall in love with this amazing place!! It’s like a glimpse of paradise with its untouched beauty, free roaming wild animals, amazing waterfalls, luscious meadows & geothermal delights!! Apparently it has the highest concentration of Geysers, & geothermal features in the world!! Hmmm?? So we discovered mud pots, we didn’t even know it was a thing!! Hot springs with beautiful color, you can’t sit in those here, ya it’s that hot!! And other weird & stinky features!! All fun places to visit minus the sulfur smell!! I almost didn’t make the walk up to the mud volcano!! Yucky!! So here are our highlights!! Hope you can visit the park one day 🙂 

5 Favorites at Yellowstone National Park 

1-Grand Canyon of Maine 

So probably our favorite thing to see was the Grand Canyon of Maine

2-Grand Prismatic spring

Grand Prismatic spring was absolutely beautiful!! We had visited at the site of the hot spring but it was much more vibrant & entirely visible from above! We took a trail located just alittle ways up the road, to a lookout to see it better the next day & that was worth it!! To get there you park at the Fairy falls parking lot & walk to the lookout point!! Very short walk, about .8 miles one way!! It is steep to get there, even with elevation issues I made it!! Yay!! 

3-Old Faithful Geyser

We loved visiting Old Faithful, we visited after 5pm, so it had cooled down abit & we only waited about 1/2 hr or so 🙂 to see it!! It’s like it’s described faithful!! It was on time 🙂 it’s one of the two favorites in the area, the other is Lonestar but the wait is much longer & you have to hike to it!! 2.5 miles each way! 

4- Animals

We loved seeing the free range animals!! I was disappointed we didn’t see any bear but that’s ok!! Maybe next time!! The bison we learned can be quite temperamental, so watch out!! People really do get way too close, these guys can run 30mph!! They can outrun an Olympian!! But they are so beautiful to look at!! They are so cute!! I took a picture of one & he had straw in his mouth!! So cute!! I will download that soon & share!! My daughter & I laughed & giggled at the cowboy bison!! So cute!! My son also thought seeing the bison was his favorite 😉


I love waterfalls & enjoyed exploring Yellowstone & encountering so many of them!! We didn’t make it to fairy falls but we heard it’s one of the best!! Wow!! We will leave that for another time:)

A couple other favorites were the visitor centers at each of the major centers, some were smaller but others like at old faithful & Canyon had short videos that helped you learn about Yellowstone!! And the other favorite were the people that visit the park!! We met quite a number of really nice people!! With most we gave each other tips & found out what each other’s favorites were!! I met two nice ladies that took a 10 mile hike around the canyon & absolutely loved that!! I told them about Lonestar & they were planning to visit that Geyser!! Another super sweet lady told me about the lookout for the Prismatic spring 🙂 I had been reluctant about hiking anymore due to my & my daughters elevation sickness but she assured me it was fine!! & showed us her picture she took!! We just had to do it the next day, it would be the last thing we did before leaving the park!! Thanks Mai Li!! So I hope to post more about these individual spots & share more pictures with you from our Yellowstone trip soon!! But hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of these places with me!! It really is an amazing thing to get outside to any park & enjoy what God has created for us 😉 get out of the city & the busy busy times & slow down!! We didn’t have internet access or very little inside the park but that was ok 🙂 it’s good to slow our roll, also it’s ok not to see everything 🙂 but it’s good to enjoy what you do see 🙂 Thanks for following along 🙂

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