Exploring the Canyon of Yellowstone

So today we went from Colter Bay Campground at the Tetans to Canyon Campground in Yellowstone!! What a delight it was to move up to Yellowstone even though it’s been a lot of work moving campgrounds!! It would be helpful if Check out time was later so people like me could get their rest !! Its an idea, hahaha!! But oh well!! We just go with the flow, right!! However, One of the advantages of moving around is exploring the area you move to!! What a joy it was to explore the visitors center at the Canyon too!! The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone was such a nice surprise & one of our favorites to see!! We drove up & saw the amazing sight from inspiration point 🙂

We went to Yellowstone expecting nothing, A wonderful friend was our tour guide & gave us suggestions to visit but we didn’t expect such beautiful surrounding, so much to explore & learn about 🙂 it was awesome 🙂

Here’s a pic of the Canyon!! 


The Grand Canyon Of Yellowstone

It is just that! If you’ve ever visited the Grand Canyon, it is amazing 🙂 so today after taking a short nap, we were able to catch the sunrise behind the Canyon!! It was stunning!! The landscape around the canyon makes it that much more awe inspiring 🙂 There are green pastures & green evergreens but the canyon has shades of white, red & browns….with a waterfall in the distance!! So different from the original Grand Canyon, It was just amazing 🙂 what do you think? 

Wildlife around the Canyon

We spotted wildlife as we drove back to the campground, it was as if the woods came alive!!! It was about 9pm and the best time to take a drive, it’s not dark yet but as the sun  sets the animals seem to roam, we saw Bison, deer, & an elk!! So cute!! 
 It was great!! 

So Next time your in Yellowstone, I highly recommend the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 🙂 There are a few hiking trails around this area, a gal did the 6-10 mile loop & she said it was her favorite thing on the trip!! We will have to put that on the list for next time, as my daughter & I were affected by elevation this time!! Boo hoo!! We did do the short hikes, we did a couple the next day when we visited the Canyon but from a different angle & location!! It was gorgeous too!! The entire park is awesome 🙂  but the Canyon was one of our favorites 🙂

So there’s a glimpse of the Canyon for you, it was a fun afternoon 🙂 

Some things to take with you while exploring!! 
Sunhat, Sunscreen, Cool Clothes, Water, Electrolytes, snacks 🙂 backpack!! 


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