A hot & humid Jog @ Coos Canyon!!

Wowza!! Who knew it would be this warm at the Canyon!! Oh well, but the water is so lovely at the same time too!! I guess We will take it, & enjoy whatever comes our way!! Maine seems to have had an abnormal July & August seems to be seeming that way too!! We’ve been home for almost a week before we headed out to our next adventure!! While we were home we enjoyed our time getting into the swing of things but at the same time we also had been preparing for our camping trip with great friends 🙂 busy busy!! & now we’re enjoying the Maine sights!! More camping posts to come

So this morning I took a late morning jog!! It was abit muggy but the temp was just right!! Here’s a glimpse of my jogging surroundings!! It’s been nice hanging in our motorhome, especially during rainy & muggy days!! So while I was our jogging the kids were enjoying a movie …. Sometimes we have to make time to destress… that’s my medicine, & Don’t you just love trees & Atv roads 🙂 hahaha

Hope you’re well & enjoying summertime!!

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