How to Handle dinner with friends while camping?

Hola friends!! How are you? Hope you are doing very well!! So have you had that situation where you’re camping with a group & need to figure out meals?? Have you been with just another family and had to think about the same thing!! What do you do? How do you handle camping with friends? On this blog I’ll give you a few suggestion & helpful tips that you may want to try out when you’re camping with a large group or with another family!!

First of all, will you be camping with families? Individuals??? What are their age group?? Cooking skills, food allergies?? Another factor to consider is how long will you be camping?? So after considering these things, what to do next…. Let’s see..

Camping with families

If you are camping with just one other family, can you take turns cooking?? If you’re camping for a week or longer together, Can you pick one meal that each family can make for the group!! Then eat meals potluck style the following days!! But the key is communicating ahead of time 🙂 it seems like a simple thing but every family has different eating styles 🙂 we are breakfast, lunch dinner people!! Most dinners are ready by 5pm 🙂 that’s just what we do 🙂 but not everyone eats breakfast, not everyone eats lunch & some even skip dinners altogether… about you?

Meal suggestions

Cooking for a large group can be simple & can be fun!! It doesn’t have to be complicated, here are Some simple & basic dinners that you can include… & some of the items can be made ahead of time…& some can even be purchased like pizza 🙂 , Rotisserie chicken & even a bucket of chicken!! 

  • Chili & Cornbread
  • Hotdogs & Hamburgers with baked beans & pasta salad
  • Mac & cheese & chicken
  • Chicken Skewers & potato salad
  • Chicken Kabobs(my friend Jeni & Rob made these) what a great idea

  • Rice, bean & Beef Burritos
  • Spaghetti dinner
  • Chicken Curry made with a jar sauce (my friend Ben made this)
  • Pizza
  • Bucket of Chicken
  • Rotisserie chicken

Group Camping

So why not ask each family if they would like to pick a day they would like to make a meal for the group! You’d be surprised how easy it is to cook for 20!! I was very happy to make burritos for my friends, my friend Jen & her family provided delicious hamburgers & hotdogs another day & another friend made Chicken-kabobs!! We each provided our own breakfast & lunches & wala everything came together beautifully!! It’s amazing how communicating with others makes our life simpler 🙂

If your friends are single maybe you can ask them to help prepare a meal.. just ask individuals to bring different things 🙂 whatever the case you can also ask individuals to coordinate with specific friends! Then check back to find out the plan 🙂

Have Fun, & Happy Camping

So have fun on your camping travel adventures!! The best part is having dinner outdoors with friends!! Enjoying companionship & laughs!!! & don’t forget the s’mores 🙂

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