Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, frisbee… beautiful night!!

Goodevening friends!! Hope everyone is having an awesome day!! Today I had the privilege of going by this lighthouse, as i was with friends we didn’t get to walk to it but it was a lovely day to be out & about in Maine! We had another summer day, with sun & perfect temps!! :)!

It’s small but pretty!! Don’t you love lighthouses??

Today’s fun also consisted of most of the family playing ultimate frisbee minus my daughter!! Hope she joins us soon!! I must say i am getting older but really enjoy catching the frisbee & passing it!! I did much better today than last time so yay for that!! 🙂 hahaha

So I hope you all are getting into the swing of things!! It’s a new school year & so many changes going on around us it seems but let us not get discouraged & embrace the changes & see the positive in them 🙂 I know for me I really enjoyed my kids being home but they are back at school!! They love it, also I have more time now that my kids are back in school & both kids are taking the bus!! So like i mentioned my goal is to embrace the change & make the best use of my time 🙂 so whatever your circumstances are 🙂 let be positive together!!

Have a good one!!

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse Insp

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