Dempsey Challenge weekend, & positive vibes in the Community!!

I love the wonderful vibe the Dempsey Challenge brings to the Lewiston/ Auburn Maine community!! This weekend September 24th/25th 2022 was a time to come together for a great cause!!  

The Dempsey Challenge raises money for the Dempsey Centers at two locations & the Dempsey Connects online:) These facilities provide free services for Cancer Patients & their families 🙂 I have not been Personally affected by cancer but know of friends that have, & have benefited from services at the Dempsey Center!! 

Saturday; Walk/Run event

Sunday; Biking event

I love seeing the bikers pass on the streets of the Lewiston Auburn area!! This took place Sunday September 25th 2022,  of the challenge which was today 🙂 GOOOOOOOD Job everyone!! 

So til next year Dempsey Challenge!! Hope to participate next year, maybe you will consider it too!! Even if it’s just to challenge yourself to walk, run or bike the event!! It’s always great to motivate yourself to get active, it does involve contributing some funds to the event but it would be for a great cause,  🙂 to help those in your community to endure cancer 🙂  

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