First day of School closure & Quarantine :) let the good times roll!!

First of all I want to thank the the wonderful teachers of Maine and Governor Mills for keeping our children safe!! Maine now has 17 confirmed cases of Coronavirus Covid19 in our area! So schools have been closed and social distancing is being encouraged hence we’re practicing self quarantine measures!!  Teachers have been awesome, sending information and school work via email, and I’m especially thankful to those teachers trying to lighten the air for our kids!!! One meme from my sons Band teacher read “stay calm and play on!!”  Another teacher send info encouraging the art of doodling to have a little fun he said..!! So sweet!

I absolutely love having my kids home, being a stay at home mom I miss my kids when they are in school, so I’m happy for this opportunity to hang out with them!! It is a very crazy situation around the world but I’m trying to focus on the positive and trying not to continually turn to the updates constantly, no need to panic!!  I check in the morning and maybe again in the evening in case there is something we need to know 🙂

Our first day of school closure and at home was great!! I’m trying to get us out for a walk as part of our schedule!!


I’ve written things out for my kids to do including bible reading and workbook! A craft, cleaning their room, reading a book,  homework if any, work on a project, play outside, take a shower and most important to my kids watch tv!! This will change daily but this is the start of our new normal 🙂

For Breakfast We had yummy whole wheat banana and choc chip pancakes!! Yummy!! I used sugar free chips on mine but I’m not a fan of a sweet breakfast but my kiddos loved it!! I used my pancake recipe.. I’ll post soon, then just added 3 ripe bananas!!!

Our simple Lunch

A can of Tomato Soup, My daughters favorite 🙂 with a grilled wheat rolls with cheese 🙂

pictured: a wheat roll without cheese and tomato soup for me!! Delicious 😋  not pictured: I also had a green salad!!



Our Delicious Dinner

Grilled Cod, Pan fried Potatoes and Veggies!!


Our Craft/ Project

For dessert we had a special treat, a project my daughter bella and I worked on during the day…  a Mixed fruit Pie!! Blueberry & Cranberry Pie! This was a delicious combination!! Yummy!


We had a wonderful first day at home, I hope you’re having fun with your kiddos and keeping calm under these difficult circumstances… remember the kiddos can tell if your stressed even if you don’t say anything so I hope you can find comfort and positivity in your daily activities …I so recommend getting out for a walk even just on the treadmill…that will help..and focusing on enjoying the time with your family!! Another great help is JW. .org where you can read the Bible online and read encouraging articles to calm your heart and mind 🙂

Thanks for Reading and following along 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!


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