How walking can help you overcome fears at this difficult time!!

Yikies!! We can’t make this stuff up…it’s unreal how the entire world is being affected by the Coronavirus!!  I saw a tabloid that explains our current situation…  How are you reacting? How will you react when it comes to your neighborhood? well whatever reaction we choose,  we most definitely have a choice!! Do we loose our heads and panic like everyone else or do we stay Calm?? Before you lose your head and reasonableness, or maybe when you’re in fear mode I want you to know that you can turn that around!! Here are some helpful tips that have helped me!!  When your in the moment it can be difficult to change your mindset but why not get out and enjoy a nice walk 🙂 Getting outside and taking in fresh air while taking in nature will calm your mind and heart!! It proved so so helpful for me!! Here’s my story!!


Well im a mother, so naturally I’m going to be concerned!! I’m also an asthmatic and volunteer in a bible education work that takes me throughout the community and in contact with lots of people, so ya I was naturally alittle worried!!  Maybe a lot worried as to what I should do, should I send my kids to school? Do I continue with ministry work? Should I stock up on things in pantry?… you know the drill all these question pop up….you probably felt that same way too… then your mind gets crazy and fearful…well that’s when getting out and calming your mind is a great idea! Or even before things get that way… it’s so easy to panic because it seems like everywhere you turn there’s panic.. so before you panic stop and say ok I’m going to reset, “I need to calm down”. Recharge., so that’s what I did… I did my normal 1 mile walk/jog then off to another mile!! Sometimes it takes more than one mile😂 also during that walk I prayed,, prayer is a good thing always but especially in times of crisis!!

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Also with a calmer mind and heart you’re better able not only manage your stress better, deal with the situation calmly but come up with a plan and help your children deal with their emotions! Unknowingly we can be spreading fear and  anxiety on others especially our vulnerable little ones, even teens!!  So relax, we’ll get thru this together.. we’re all in this together!! Take one day at a time… and let’s continue to reassure our minds and hearts by getting our walk on! We’re very fortunate to live in a place that’s not densely populated and social isolation is pretty easy to attain and woods and walking is plentiful!! So Mainers get out.. find your mile or two or three! Everything’s going to be alright!!!


So as of today the situation in Maine is  “flattening the curve” in other words preventing the spread of the virus by closing schools and business in our area. We have 6 confirmed cases 3 of which are presumptive cases!! So to prevent the spread weve been encouraged to practice safe hand washing techniques, social distancing and avoiding large crowds!! As of today my kids school will be closed for two weeks which I’m so relieved about, also our kingdom halls and meetings will be closed temporarily!!

So it is what it is… we will have to heed direction and apply suggestion. Only time will tell how this will play out but we know that tomorrow the sun will come out 🙂 the birdies will be singing and spring is coming…..bright and happy days are ahead!! Keep positive, hopeful and if you get sick, you will get thru this!!

Stay tuned for more posts about keeping calm and cool in the next days and weeks ahead! I’m so excited to be home with my kiddos!! I’m thinking of all the fun projects we will be doing… hey instead of snow days were having coronadays minus the lime!! Lol!   Hey if you’d like to share your suggestions about activities to do at home or plans you have in the next month I’d love to hear what you’ll be doing…I’d love to hear!

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!


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