Staying Calm when you have a real threat in your community!!

Wowza!! Who knew that at noon today there would be a confirmed Coronavirus case in  Maine, And its in your county and possibly in your town!! Yikiessss…

It really is hard not to panic, for me the thought of not having enough food if a quarantine is enforced motivated me to go to Walmart!! It must have been everyone else’s thoughts too!!

Not only did I have food in my cart but we were running very low on water! We normally buy 20 gallons anyway… yes we’re heavy water drinkers!!! (Unfortunate we have high levels of uranium in our water but that’s another story) My cart looked way loaded because underneath my real groceries was all the water!! (I promise I’m not hoarding)  Lol!! I have to admit I did pick up extra things that I normally wouldn’t buy like top ramen… guess what kind were the only ones left?? The Shrimp kind!! Lol!! I think though we will be alright with my beans and Mexican rice… hey it’s a complete meal!

The only good part of this whole ordeal is that it really brings people together knowing That we’re in this together and want to protect each other!! Walmart was nowhere near what it is like on Black Friday where everyone’s trampling each other…so different because I even seen friends in there trying to direct me to things.. another older man getting out of his powered chair to help another lady with a case of water located way above her head and mind.. I had positive and encouraging exchanges and was even able to share my faith with a fellow, that was encouraging to him.  So although many  People seemed to walk around like they were  in totally in shock about the announcement they were still polite!!  

Im finding if you stay calm you help others stay calm and can encourage them.. also when you help someone calm down that helps you calm down too…..

There was an  expression think is worth sharing that I heard today about the Coronavirus to help us not freak out….. is that…..“it is what it is” uttered by my wise 18 yr old friend!!  He answered that way when he was asked what he thought of the virus!  It is so true…surely it is what it is…we protect ourselves and families the best we can by doing practical things like washing our hands, avoiding contact with people that are sick and of course prayer and reliance on our God Jehovah,, if we have an underlying medical problem the recommendation is to any avoid exposure and large gatherings and/or wearing a face mask but no matter what keep positive and keep calm!!

So we will see what changes, challenges the next days and weeks bring but hope you can stay healthy and Coronavirus Free!!



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