Beach days are the best, Long Sands Beach, York Maine!!

Summer is the best time to play or just relax at the beach!! I think many people have the same idea and come from all around to visit many of our Maine Beaches, I absolutely love it!! These are a few pics from our beach day at long Sands beach  York, Maine! I 💗 the Beach!!

What a wonderful way to get into Nature, truly take in the beautiful views….really enjoy life…relax and if you have kiddos or not, just play at the beach!!  My husband says to those who don’t really like it and work full-time….“there’s no work at the beach” lol!! So true…Why not Visit a beach near you, you’ll love it!

Long Sands Beach, York Maine!!

I played so much, I didn’t take many pics… my kiddos and I love boogie boarding!!

0199A648-7476-4377-90D0-F5A3907DD9D4Thanks for visiting and following along… coming soon a post about our beach day and Mexican corn…yup that’s a snack a friend shared with us…

Have a wonderful day…

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