Fall vibes & A summer like day on the east coast!!

What gorgeous summer like weather  here in Maine!! Hope you have been able to enjoy it!! This was from the other day but so wanted to share it with you guys!! I’m not liking being so busy my strength is being zapped out of me!! But I so love our walks and the beautiful views along the way!! Enjoy!! Hope you’re all taking the time to take a breath or two!! 😂

Fall is such a bright and colorful time of year!! It’s even more special when you can soak in the sun and warmth too! Yaaas!!

Here are some pics from our walk the other day 🙂 oh so lovely!! What do you think? I found the ombré colored leaves that almost look like purple really cool!!

 Love this scenery & feel pretty blessed to enjoy the countryside on our walks 🙂

Hope you’re closet is ready with comfy sweaters & cute boots!! Then comes heavy sweaters and cute jackets & boots…. 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting!!

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