What’s your Inspiration for today while in self quarantine?

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Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

You’re re probably like the rest of of us either home, working away from home but either way spending more time at  home!!  You’re probably also  but either trying to socially distance yourself from others, limiting the places your visiting.. therefore you have more time on you hands at our new favorite(hopefully) or needs to be  place…..Home!! what are you doing to keep yourself sane? Do you have inspiration for today?? Do you have Goals for today? It is important to do something that inspires you to be happy and mentally healthy!!

We are very fortunate that here in Maine because we don’t live in a densely populated area and have lot of places to visit outdoors and in or neighborhoods.. so if you’re from here have you thought of taking up fishing? Gov Mills has opened up fishing at no cost, no liscence needed for now 🙂 yay!!


I love being outside, getting a walk in.. I’m starting to jog but easing into it slowly!! I love it!!

So for me and my family it’s having a regular schedule of school work and spiritual activities but also getting outside everyday!!  I can’t tell you how  Important it is for me to get outside… self quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t go outside,., if you have to drive to where there’s no people do so and enjoy a Walk!! …I know it will help you too!!  So that’s what we’re doing today… we’ve done our homework/school work and now we off to enjoy an adventure outdoors after lunch… that’s another topic.. I hope to share some easy lunch and dinner ideas with you in another post!! Coming soon!,

I hope you can find something that inspires you today!  I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with!!

Thanks for visiting!! Have a wonderful day!!




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