Getting Blizzard ready & more COVID drama!!

Oh I’m so exited!! We’re getting a Nor’easter & potential blizzard conditions as well!! The exciting part is that we’re getting snow, & up to a foot or more of it!! Yay! I love playing in the snow with my kids! Making snow people & taking in the scenery!! Don’t you?? & what about COVID, aren’t we ready for this beast to just go away already!!

As we move forward isn’t it true we need to keep positive whatever comes our way! This included COVID & anything else! One beautiful blessing thats come out this is the loyal love shown by our friends, family & spirititual family too!! I feel blessed for that love!! It’s been so beautiful to see & know it’s an expression by our Heavenly Father!!

My COVID drama

Sadly today I noticed something going on with my chest & some shortness of breath. Just slightly, I am an asthmatic so with any little sign we know somethings up!! what I’m noticing is that by 10:30-11am my body seems to get into a mode. I get a slight headache, my sinuses start to hurt & sometimes my back hurts too!! Hmm… so what I’ve been doing is taking an ibuprofen cold meds for sinus pressure. In the evenings this week I’ve noticed I’ve been running low grade fevers too!! So being it’s been 10 days now since testing positive I just had to go to urgent care & see what’s going on!! I’m so glad I listened to my body! So if you’re like hey I’m not well & need a second opinion go ahead!!! My doctors office, wouldn’t see me, I’ve been transferred to a unknown doctor so of course he’s going to be like you have a virus & write it off to resting!!! Most doctors are like, “your going to feel sick for awhile” but if your an asthmatic you know! Then there are those that love people unconditionally & show you so much care & then you go, thanks for caring!! Love those friends & family!! So with COVID sadly there will be health drama & in this case it’s part of my drama too!! I’m sorry for all those that have suffered thru this & even the saddest of circumstances like losing a loved one!!

So my diagnosis is inflamation on the vascular part of lungs & inflamation in rib cartilage called Costochondritis!!! Doesn’t that sound painful??? Well it is!! But i will survive day by day!! Taking ibuprofen, Tylenol, & albuterol as necessary!! My mindset is saying, This too shall pass…..& keeping positive thru this ordeal!


So how about this blizzard!! What do people do to get ready?? I’m So looking forward to that snow coming along with it! Not necessarily the power outages or the downed trees & dangerous conditions but the white stuff!! So to get ready most people go to the store to make sure they’re prepared for a long weekend inside their homestead!! Prepare their snow equipment!! Ours needed a carburetor but now we need to replace that one entirely & will be using the backup one!! Ya it’s a thing here in New England to have spare ones!! Hahaha!! Lol😂

There is so much to be thankful for even when we’re sick!! So much beauty even during storms/blizzards 🙂 so I hope your staying safe, & stay warm this weekend!! Happy trails! As I’m recooping I’d love to see where your adventures take you!!

Thanks for reading!!

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