My girls Soy Chocolate mousse on a relaxing day!!

My oh my my!! What a delightful & easy recipe! So easy my daughter can make it with a little help, we pulled out the blender, she got out the ingredients & I helped her melt the chocolate in a double boiler!! If you’re looking for a simple recipe, this is a delightful one!!

Soy Chocolate maple mousse!! Delicious!!

So if you need a quick pick me up & delightful dessert, a chocolate mousse is so delicious!! I feel very spoiled by my little assistant, she’s 12 by the way & loves to bake!! This dessert doesn’t even need to be baked!! Just blend 1 package 10 oz melted chocolate, 1/3 maple syrup, 12 oz silken tofu, 1 tbsp soy milk, 1 tbsp almond/ or vanilla extract. add a dash of cinnamon!! Then chill for 30 mins in refrigerator 🙂 serve & enjoy!!

Hope you were able to take it easy even despite having a busy day 🙂 In these crazy uneasy times it’s so important to find joy even in the little things! Today I’m thankful for my kiddos & loving family & extended adopted family too!!

Add this recipe to your quick & easy desserts! Your family will love it!! Even the hubby that’s not too interested in tofu liked it!!

Have fun!! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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