5 Fun things to do while you are in Boston!!

Have you been to Boston Massachusetts? Planning a trip there sometime soon?? Looking for some fun things to do while you’re there?? This post will give you some fun ideas for your next trip & I’ll fill you in to a few places we’ve visited that we really enjoyed that you might want to try to!!


1- Duck Boats/Trolley Tour of the city!!

Take a tour of the city either by Duck Boat, which looks super fun or a Trolley Tour which allows you to go on & off & explore various locations along the tour! We took the Trolley Tour, it was the last tour of the day, we purchased our tickets outside the Boston aquarium which saved us a few dollars!


The Duck Boat tours can also be purchased at the stand outside the Aquarium however be warned, they sell out fast, so I suggest you purchase your tickets beforehand & plan your day around this tour 🙂  We tried  to get on for a few different times but both times were sold out!! Boo!!

Here are some of the stops along the Trolley tour, our tour guide & driver Christine was awesome 🙂 we saw where Samuel Adams & other famous people were buried, where the Celtics & Bruins play, one of the ugliest buildings in Boston (lol), where the USS constitution resides and many many other places 🙂 & parks 🙂 pretty cool! I think it was my sons favorites of the day to be tourists, he loved learning about history!!

2. New England Aquarium!!

We enjoyed visiting the fish, & viewing the sea lions & Penguins & absolutely loved the Octopus :).
One way to visit many places is using a City Pass, with it you can visit many attractions for a fraction of the price!!  Including the Aquarium, Science Museum & Franklin Zoo!!  & many more places!  I would recommend spending a weekend to enjoy this fully 🙂 However We purchased our aquarium only tickets for 30 dollars outside the Aquarium, we saved 4 dollars 🙂

*If you’re like me and like to save a few dollars, pack a lunch & eat in their cafe!! I made Turkey salad sandwiches & packed granola bars 🙂 & chips!! Yummy!! Plus if you’re on a strict or restricted diet it’s good to pack what you can eat 🙂

*lockers are available to rent here too!



3. Museum of Fine Art-

if you love art you will love the Boston’s Museum of fine Art.. it’s fabulous!!  I loved seeing different Styles of paintings & various artist work that are here! The sculptures were neat too!! You can spend so much time exploring here! Love it!!

*I love they have discounted admission after 3pm & weekends for some individuals! Inquire with the museum 🙂 or online

4-North End:

The north end is located near walking distance of the Aquarium & Quincy market, it is the section of the city with a variety of Italian restaurants & markets!! We visited a popular pastry shop called Mikes Pastry, yummy!! There were lines out the door when we went, it was so cool & we loved the pastries & great vibe!! Yummy!! I wasn’t a fan of the Italian biscotti but the lemon cake & Boston crème cake was amazing!!


5.Quincy Market: explore and shop here!!

Here is where you’ll find hundreds of shops, inside & outside the three Market buildings!! So cool!! & you can have a bite to eat while you’re here!! Apparently you can have a lobster roll, baked beans, brown bread & Boston crème pie as some of the favorites 🙂

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful friend that lives close to the city, so we were able to stay with her while visiting! To go into the city we took the train & for dinner we had a lovely dinner at her home of  Salmon & New England Shepherd’s Pie meal & Salad 🙂 It was a lovely combination 🙂

So I hope these suggestions are helpful & you enjoy your visit to Boston!! It’s a great place to visit 🙂





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