How you can have an easy, fun & memorable Graduation Party

Graduation season….It’s that time of year again!! Do you have a graduate this year?? Some graduate from high school, others college, or still others from vocational schools like my sister!!  Or even others from pre school, elementary school, or middle school!! So here are some party tips to have a fun, memorable time & help make things easier for you!! 


Graduation Party Planning,

Where to start

So first of all some people fly by the seat of their pants!! Others like to plan!! I feel it’s good to plan & an also to allow wiggle room & go with the flow!! Depending on your personality style you will prefer the one above another method!! I’m finding that I like to plan, I also see that if I’m plan too much I can feel stress!! Not having a plan stresses me out though & it’s something It is something i do have to work on!! One thing I am  learning is to take it easy! I Learned a lot from my sister this time around, one think. Learned is to have a basic plan & keep things simple! Choose a Menu, backdrop & let things happen.. because you will have fun & it will happen 🙂 so I hope these tips help!!


An important aspect is where to hold the party!! It can be a backyard bash, a hall can be rented, it can take place at a park, or even a hotel suite!! We’ve had parties at all the above places!! One family member even rented the town pool it was so much fun! So decide based on your needs, the amount of people you’re inviting & your budget!! 

2-Simple Menu but a well rounded one

Why is food important? I can’t tell you how important food is!! Even just snacks & drinks… it shows good hospitality & feeds hungry bellies!! So pick something that is also budget friendly & you will have a winning combination!! 

10 Winning Graduation food combo’s

Some food choice combination can include 

  • Pizza, 

fruit platter,

veggie platter 

chips & dips, including hummus, salsa & chips


  • chicken

rice, beans, salad 

  • chili, cheese, sour cream, cornbread, salad 
  • burgers & hotdogs, French fries, potato wedges, coleslaw 
  • Tacos, Rice & beans coleslaw/salads
  • chicken & potatoes, baked beans 
  • Fish & chips, salad & or coleslaw 
  • pasta, garlic bread & salad 
  • spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread & salad 
  • BBQ Pulled pork, sandwiches or bbq pulled pork, Mac & cheese & baked beans, green salad/pasta salad 

Do you see any food combos you think you might  incorporate into your party plans?? 

3-Backdrop/decoration Essentials 

DIY backdrop for Carpentry Graduation!!

This part is my favorite part, the decorating 🙂  the above graduation photo backdrop was from my sisters Carpentry graduation 🙂

Graduation party supplies can be found at Walmart, hobby lobby, dollar tree & my favorite Amazon 😉 I love Amazon because items can be ordered & arrive only a acouple days later if you have prime  🙂 some essentials..

  • Graduation Banner 
  • Graduation balloons
  • Graduation plates, silver wear, napkins, cups
  • Graduation year foil balloons
  • backdrop stand 
  • balloon pump 
  • command hooks
  • balloons in school color or color of your choice
  • platters in the color of your choice
  • Table cloths 
  • Graduate pictures:  grade k-12 (Amazon has a cute garland to hang in your space)
  • lawn signs 
  • I like to have a backdrop behind food table & another for Photo Booth 


What to add to your event for entertainment?? If you’re having a back yard bash, Lawn games are great to have!! A hired entertainer like a musician, or a comedian would be great for indoor/outdoor gatherings!! Playing music is a must & would be good to include in your party, create a playlist & let the good times roll!! Think of a game to play with your guests!! Also will you have dancing?? That’s always fun & can be an option!! 


5-  Plan

Having a plan for your graduation party, it is so important 🙂 it’s what will make a difference between a job done & a job well done 🙂 & reduce the stress of having a big party!! Find a location, & date & time! Pick out & send invites ahead of time! Plan your menu, entertainment! & start working on your backdrops 🙂 Also ask for help, it’s especially important when your planning for a large gathering 🙂 or even a small one!! Having help will keep you from getting overwhelmed 🙂 


 In conclusion, So you have a location, food plan & your decorations 🙂 & you’ve planned entertainment!! You also have a plan & others to assist you!!  now it’s time to have an amazing time with your family & friends!! Enjoy! 🙂 also try to fit in a moment before the party begins to just relax 🙂 !!! Have fun & let me know if these suggestions help!! 

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