Life in Quarantine blues!! Why Stop and listen to the birds??

How’s your week going? Mine is Crazyyy and we’re still behind 11 pages of math! I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy!! I have to say my relief came tonight when I was at the grocery store contemplating down the isles what I needed and the idea that I had no kids with me!! Wowza!! I surely missed them!! They were home cozied up in bed, with dad at the helm! But I loved the me moment.. do you need that sometimes??… yes we all do, or we’d all go bazurky! (Another word for crazy) I think we all have those overwhelm times and feelings, hope you can get help, relief and practice stress management techniques because I think we all need to do that!!

One thing that I find helpful that we enjoy is our gorgeous walk!! Ahhh the fresh air, the beautiful views and the sweet sounds of birds, and views of alpaca and horses!! We love it!! I hope you can find a great spot too!

Often we can feel rushed and pressured!! Why not stop and listen to the bird sounds, or something we can live in the moment for! The other day there was a ground hog along the side of the road… we caught sight of him as his bum was entering his hole he lived in and had dug out!! Cute!!  We’re also starting to view videos to identify some of the birds we see along our walk!! So interesting & fun!!

So I hope you friends out there are enduring this crazy time in history! And Taking the time to reflect on the good things… I appreciate having good friends to talk with and family!  We will get thru this 🙂

Stat tuned for blueberry pancake and muffing recipes 🙂 whole wheat of course..

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!!

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