When it’s Negative 2 degrees outside, we have to keep a positive spirit!! Jogging around the block!!


It was brutally cold today, it was negative two but felt like negative 18!! Is that warm enough for you?? It was a tad bit cool that’s for sure, but that’s no problem If you are prepared for the weather!! It’s not good to stay outside for a very long time during these temps but getting outside even to go around your short block is ok!! Here’s some inspiration & positive thinking vibes for you!!

My block consisted of one mile and at12 mins isn’t bad to go out in this cold weather 🙂 24 mins may not have been that bad either but im not a 2 mile runner yet! Lol! So here’s a look at what it was like!! What’s your block like??

Will you look like an Eskimo during these temps? For sure!! This is me on my jog!! Don’t laugh!! Lol!!


Positively Positive

Isn’t it true that if we are negative, everything will seem like doom & gloom! So why have that kind of attitude?? Who enjoyed that kind of attitude?? So why not try to look at the bright side of things 🙂 that’s what I think of, or try too think anyways!! So let so this together 🙂

I have to admit it was cold, I could tell because the wind was blowing thru my clothes alittle!! Or maybe a lot!! Lol!! Hahah I was even wearing my snow pants & fleece leggings!! I was warm again like 5 mins into my run though! Which was good, if I felt it wasn’t safe I could always turn back so that’s always a great thing :). One mile isn’t that long either 🙂 so off went and it was wonderful!! A face covering is must during these temps!! Warm gloves too!! & layers, layers, layers!!

So many people complain about snow, the weather, and whatever inconvenience may be in their lives! But isn’t it better when we look at the bright side of things??? So I got to thinking if the weather is negative, let’s be positive!! Isn’t it better to do that, well you will feel better for it!! No I don’t always feel great, sometimes I’m abit downhearted but my walks, and runs really help!! It’s what gets me out of my head plus my spiritual routine!! They say 45 mins of exercise is equivalent to taking Prozac!! So I’ll take the exercise anytime!! I’m not quite up to running 45 mins yet but hey alittle bit is better than nothing, right?? So let’s take take some time to get outside and get our exercise on as often as we can & be positive!!


So yes it was negative two degrees outside but inside my mind and heart it was a positive day 🙂 let’s be positive together as we go through challenges!! So even if it’s negative degrees outside you too can be positive on the inside!! & stay away or take breaks from those that shower negativity!! Lol😂😂 Have a wonderful day!!

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