Wonderful tips, positive thoughts & Coronavirus Etiquette from Daily Blast!!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day, encountered this program that had some positive vibes in it and helpful tips!! Here are a few I thought were really good!!

Taken from Dr. Payal Kohli, Daily Blast 12:30-1pm channel 6, NBC news!! & etiquette expert Thomas Farley!!

Wow some of the things mentioned are why more men are dying than women die of this virus, Info about whether homemade masks are safe?
So informative and positive approach to handling the Corona virus, COVID-19

But my favorite part is this advice…
Wow didn’t know there was a Coronavirus Etiquette,
1. Empathy.. don’t treat others like a leper, have compassion!!
2. Love the ones your with
3. Don’t panic buy
4. Support local businesses
5. Make someone’s day!! (Aww love this one) Random Acts Of kindness)

Good tips!! Have a great day!! 😘😘

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