Health Journey renewed & what helped me get there!!

I  had hoped to be back to my running and exercise routine by now but Unfortunately about 6 months ago I suffered an injury to my foot, it was diagnosed as a plantar plate tear!! I was in an air cast for what seemed like forever!! Really!!  My 2 mile run became a sit around and hope to heal kind of event!! However im happy to say my recovery is going well, Ive been discharged by my orthopedic doctor, yay!! He was amazing by the way!! I am still taping my foot as needed but Im pleased to say that today I was able to get back out and do a slight jog!! Yay!! It was mostly walking but so happy i didnt’ feel any pain!! Yay!!



To add the my issues i also suffer from Another problem, a rotator cuff tear due to a sliding accident years ago!! Unfortunately I still have to be careful about overusing it!! Also if my muscles are not regularly used and stretched it throws my entire body out of place!! I hate that!! It affects my right hip and shoulder!! Another problem I face is that i am double jointed so if i dont’ exercise regularly my body can signal pain and discomfort!! I am what I’ve been called at physical therapy as a loosey goosey!! Lol!!  Amanda Esmonde White has helped me tremendously and is amazing!!! I encountered her program about 11yrs ago because my running friend, who is a physical therapist recommended her and watched her on tv !! So i thought I’d try it!! I loved it!! I especially use these videos when im feeling pain and discomfort in my shoulder, hip and neck, which has been these last couple weeks!! Im telling you i feel really old with these aches and pains but with this workout you really feel an immediate increase in flexibility and a release of tension in your muscles and improve your posture and range of motion!! Absolutely love that!!

Classical stretch has been on tv here in Maine for over 11 years!! So check your local listing in your area, you may be surprised, it could be broadcast in your area!! Or here are a few links if you want to purchase any of her videos!! You wont regret it!! My goal is to regularly do classical stretch exercises with Amanda!! She’s awesome!!!

So if your dealing with aches and pains, I highly recommend this video series!! Also you can check listing on PBS in your area and



Video Series for beginners;

So today we did a 2 mile trail on the lake, it was absolutely beautiful, the weather was perfect!! Overcast and temp was just right!! The kiddos loved it too!!! These little rascals are my other motivation!! Love them so much, glad we can get outside and be active together!!


Best wishes on your health journey!! Hope this is helpful!!

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