How Someone’s story can inspire you to keep active!!

With this cooler weather coming on fast and furious, this morning i had to wear a sweater as i went for my walk today… brrr and it was still alittle chilly!! So happy and thankful my foot is healing nicely and I can get outside more often, even did alittle jog to keep warm!! Yay!!

While walking with my dog Bruno and trying to talk a selfie with him, a really nice older man named Art helped take our picture!! That was so sweet of him!! The light from the sun was pretty bright on my face and gave me absolutely no shadows but, not my favorite but thats ok 😉 I love the light and shadows on other things like the bushes and shrubs, it gives such a nice glow!!

I appreciated so much learning his story!! He’s been walking every day for about 5 years, and by changing his diet and exercising regularly hes lost 50 lbs!! Wow!! Unbelievable!! He was older man, not sure his age and i thought he looked pretty good! I find that people like him are truly inspirational!! He also mentioned that even in the snow, he walks faithfully each and ever day.. he walks 4 miles a day!! So awesome!! I wished i could have gotten more info, and taken his picture but thats ok, maybe ill see him again 🙂

I have to be honest, i find walking or running in the snow to be a challenge! Of course it is a couple months away from us but it will come soon enough! So Art’s story inspired me to try to get out every day even in the winter weather…. i will try my best!!

Before kiddos i used to run apx 3 miles a couple times a week with a friend and oh it was not easy getting up and outside. That was over 11 yrs ago!! Boy time flies!! I remember that on brutally cold days we would have to cover our mouth and nose to keep warm!! Of course it was totally worth it and you felt awesome after, but that was years ago!!  So Art’s dedication is definitely worth imitating!! So here he is in the picture, walking away in the distance…


So if you get a chance to meet people walking your way or know that they are walkers, runners or active outdoors, why not find out thier story and just maybe they can keep inpiring you on your health journey!! I Hope Art’s story has inspired you too!!  Thanks for reading 🙂


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