Take time to enjoy the moment, calm your mind &…de-stress…

Good evening or good day to you!! Today’s post is going to focus on balance!! Sometimes we just need to stop and smell the roses…or take the time to enjoy those around you… go for a walk and enjoy the scenery…


Doesn’t This picture give you the sense of calm and tranquility… taken one morning on our drive… even just picturing yourself here, breathing the fresh air brings positive vibes. Theres actually a name for this called visualization…..for this type of therapy……Enjoy…

Finding balance, always a challenge

For me and the kiddos today we also enjoyed the light misty afternoon on our evening walk!! Happy to say it was before dinner due to lack of sun these days here in Maine!!

This past month has been filled with so much activity; visitors, sickness and projects, my current project is putting together a party (which i absolutely love to do) but is a lot of work, Household chores, and being a wife and mother just to name a few things…. did i mention I also volunteer in a bible education work…. im tired just mentioning this to you…lol…All of which takes time and effort..

Signals & practical ways to cope

So when your body tells you to slow down, you must roll with it!! What are your signals?  How do you know you’re over stressed, or burning out??

Aches and pains have been my signal lately, im a bit of a loose goosey so stretching and walking are my friends!! Which i haven’t been able to do a lot of lately due to the many demands on my time!! shame on me, letting this slide!  But even if we get off track, just get back on track with your routine!!  No worries 😉

So yesterday was my workout with classical stretch!!  I cant say enough about classical stretch with Miranda Edmond White, she’s awesome!! So no trip to the osteopath for me this time!  These excercises always do the trick!! Here is my stretching buddy!! He was following me around all day this day, and wanted to be practically be on me while I worked out….he’s getting used to this routine and seeing me do floor excercises!! So he ended up beside me….At least he didn’t nip this time.. lol!!

So if you’re like me or not getting outside and moving your body is always so helpful!! Gets us out of our element thats for sure and not as anxious, able to cope Better with life’s challenges 🙂

Today’s Walk!! So lovely, alittle damp but refreshing..another thing i needed! Even if you dont have the energy its well worth it.. the rain  made it that much better!!


Some other things i find so helpful is planning, organizing your time and resources…setting priorities, prayer, prayer and more prayer..and saying no sometimes & knowing your limitations… It can be difficult to be balanced but not impossible!!

But when you take care of yourself things are alot easier and you will be a better person, mother, wife, and friend!! Im still constantly working on this but have found this to be helpful in my journey to a more balanced life!! Hope it can help you in some way too!! Thanks for reading….

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