Arroz con pollo!! Made With a spicy sauce!! Delicioso!! Yumm!


So here i made this casserole to bring to a going away potluck party!! Started out making a mexican rice, which is a red rice made with tomato sauce, onion and garlic adding  frozen corn kernels..

Then I sauteed chicken breast that were seasoned and thinly cut up with garlic and onion then added a can of enchilada sauce: Old El Paso Red Enchilada Sauce…10 oz…it turned out super delicious!!

Then put it all together in this casserole dish!!

I made this for a family that are lactose intolerant and sensitive to cheese and dairy so i left that out but you could top with cheese!! Yummo! You can even add sour cream!!

Funny party of this story is that when i brought it to the gathering all the adult loved the casserole!! Turned out i accidently picked up spicy enchilada sauce!! Hahahah!! It was a hit!! I usually pick mild sauce and thats delicious too and probably friendlier for everyone, even the kiddos!!


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