A little rain?? Or a downpour?? Take a listen!!

How’s the weather? That’s what my dad always asks when he calls said me!!

Ha so i was just noticing our lawn was getting alittle dry the other day, it was turning a yellowish Orange color in some places!! But I shouldnt have worried about watering it, The floodgates opened up last night!! Glad the evening and the rain was warm so that the rain pouring down on us didn’t feel that bad as we ran to our car!!

black posts on black pavement beneath falling rain
Photo by Joey Kyber on Pexels.com

The sound of this rain, combined with alittle lighting was pretty neat!! I love how the weather here in maine can change so quickly!! It was drizzly all day but by evenings it was a wild rain!! These rainstorms are pretty amazing but so glad we live in houses!!

lights water blur rain
Photo by Bob Clark on Pexels.com

This rain however make me feel so bad for those out west with dry and severe drought conditions, they really need it more than we do!! My family is from Central Washington which is considered a desert and its been in the scorching 100’s, Yikes!! It was 104 the other day!! Only good thing is that It’s a dried heat, which i feel makes a difference in making it abit more bearable!!! Just a little!! I know thats crazy hot, but let me tell you 90 degrees on a humid day here in maine is aweful!!

But being that we can feel for others but cant do anything else We are left with enjoying the rain we had and the green it will bring to my lawn!! Yay!!

heres something to fall asleep to!! I call it, “The downpour” and to answer the question, a little rain? Or downpour?

What’s the weather like in your area?? Would  love to hear, leave me a comment 🙂 thanks!!

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