So much excitement, When even Bruno notices a flock of wild turkey go across the yard!!

 I’m so excited that my post about Bruno’s start of his AKC good citizen class is getting a lot of likes. We finished the class and he got a certificate but we haven’t taken the test yet!! At present Bruno is having a good dogs life relaxing at home and keeping watch of who comes to the door!! Today I’m sharing a post of some excitement this fall, hope you like it!!

This is probably one of my favorite things about living on the outskirts of town!!! I love our country setting & the excitement of seeing wildlife!! Even Bruno had to witness a flock of turkeys passing through our yard!! He jumped onto the window & propped himself up to take a peak!!

This was in the fall, we haven’t seen any turkeys lately but sure do miss seeing these fellas around 🙂 we’re looking forward to next years critters in the yard 🙂

So cute, had to share 🙂 Have a wonderful evening, day or afternoon!!




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