Horse camp duties and moms on horses! Lol!

Today was a fabulous day at the ranch!! Kids continued to care for the horses, they were such hard workers!!


Not only did they groom and feed these rascals but they also rode them……& trot!!…

Another special thing two of us moms did was to trot along as well and on the most difficult horses! Our trainer made us laugh saying we were suicidal mommas!! Lol!! He was just kidding of course… and we safely were able to get off of them!! The one I rode is the only female named Daisy and she didn’t want to leave her master’s side…or the trainer!, it was kinda cute, and even wanted to steal treats!! Lol!!  Adorbs!! But I was able to trot twice….yay!!

With Darling Daisy!!


The other thing I loved doing is taking pictures! These guys are so darned cute! One even tried to steal my hat!! No Regal, no, no……and we laughed!! Enjoy these pics….. so cute!, Thanks for visiting, have a great day!!

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