Horse Camp fun; work and riding!!

Beautiful horse and camp fun pictures!! I absolutely love these majestic animals… Today the kids groomed the horses, shoveled poo, and learned to mount, dismount and trot!! It was so much fun to watch them engage with the horses and each other!!!  It can be abit hot and hard work, some kids aren’t used to that but in the end the kids really enjoy the experience and appreciate being around the horses!!



Chance loves to smile and show off his pearly whites… lol!, isn’t he cute?? I love that each horse has his own personality!

Today I could bond with my friend Fresco and Regal… I even got to ride fresco while the older kids rode, and the best part is I rode him without a lead or someone leading him… my son rode Theo and he rode him that way too! It feels awesome to Learn to drive (ride) your horse!! Lol! As for Regal, I got to be the lead while my daughter rode him, that was fun too!




Hope your having a wonderful time this summer, and having fun at whatever camp you attend too…if you’re looking for camp ideas, I definitely recommend horse camp!! Your kids will love it!!


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