Horsey Poo, We’ve got work to do!!

I don’t know how much poo poo horseys do but today there was a lot of doo doo!!!  Scooping up manure is actually my kids favorite thing to do, they say- “it is awesome!!”but today’s some of our little friends thought it was the worst!! Hahahah!! So the tittle of my post is inspired by the work the kiddos did at the ranch today!! It really explains what life on the farm is like, lots and lots of picking up and shoveling horse manure!!

There are 6 horses on this ranch!!  According to one article horses go restroom- 8-14 piles a day…yikes!! Another thing about horse poo is that it mostly smells grainy, and grassy….so it’s easier to pick up….. also it’s important to keep up with this task because it can become a problem to the health of the horse, water sources…and people.. so picking up daily is very important!!


So here are some pictures from today’s adventure!!


Thanks for visiting  🙂 hope this blog at least makes you feel proud of my little friends at horsecamp and or chuckle!!… lol!!

Even though they worked hard, they still enjoyed the beauty of the day and riding!  They loved riding the beautiful horses,,



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