Sweet dreams, hoping possibility makes it through the night!! An opossum story!!

This has been a wild and stormy start of the week, it’s been raining  since Sunday night!!  We got thunder & lightening one night, and torrential rains throughout these rainy days!! Although our grass, trees and gardens have needed it’s it’s made it hard to get outside!!  We missed a couple days of walking due to the wild weather but last night and today I was able to go out!! Yay! But maybe the weather contributed to what we found today… not sure but it was quite surprising to find a little injured opossum on the ground!! I’ll tell you what happened….

Todays outing started out alittle weird, because before I brought Bruno with me I decided to take him into our woods and have him do his business! Bruno is our Dog… Incase you didn’t know that! 😂 While walking in our woods I found a small injured opossum, poor thing, I think it fell off a tree!! He had a limb on top of him!! I’m not sure What happened but I noticed he was still alive!! I have a picture of him but I’ll save the details.  He looked pretty banged up… I thought poor thing he’s not going to make it, Bruno was startled though that although it couldn’t move he like hissed at us. My husband didn’t think it was going to make it either and told me to leave it, we covered it from the element though!   Afterward Bruno and I  continued on our walk and to my surprise when we returned  he was still alive!! Yay!!

Im so glad My husband daughter and I decided to cover it with something to get it out of the elements,  So on this visit I gave it a piece of cheese (one of Bruno’s treats I happen to have with me) before we left it again then returned later..

When we returned we found it had tried to eat the cheese, we saw his teeth marks on it! So cute!!

So we decided to put it in a bin, make a hole in the bin so it could get out If it wanted and gave it more food!! Then covered the bin with a blue snow shovel 🙂 we made it alittle home for it to rest and covered the opossum with a piece of an old t-shirt!!

We will see what happens tomorrow, we hope it survives the night! Although we can’t keep it if is survives, we named it possibility!!  Apparently it’s illegal to keep wild animals and can call a wildlife rehabilitation center located in Grey, Maine if it survives the night 🙂

I have seen one of these before, a bigger one and it was very ugly…all I can remember is it’s teeth but these guys are really so ugly they are cute, especially this little one!! He has teeth but they are small, apparently 50 of them!! Apparently they are pretty docile but snarl or hiss at you when frightened which he did when Bruno got closer to it!!


So tonight we’re wishing everyone sweet dreams and hoping this little one we named possibilities makes it!!

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