Start of Our AKC Canine Good citizen journey!!

On this post I’ll be talking about our continued Journey into training classes for our dog Bruno 🙂 We’ve had two official days of training 🙂


Bruno is alittle over 2 and he’s at a perfect age to get additional training I think! I feel it’s important with what happened a few months ago where he startled a lady walking by, so i feel it’s important to manage him alittle better! So I signed us up for a AKC Canine Good citizen training course so that Bruno can become a good citizen!!  Lol!!!!

On day one of class I’ve already learned a lot about my dog!  First Bruno hasn’t been socialized well to other dogs that mixed with the fact that the class took place outside Bruno so wanted to play with the other dogs!! He was so excited!! He was right in another dogs face!! Lol!! When We got to the class he was like the class clown!!  It was cute even though he pulled me all around!! But by the end of the class he was totally focused on me and wanted his treats, and everyone noticed!! He was super adorable!!

Besides  the class I’ve been watching YouTube videos on handling aggression and stranger danger anxiety and other behavioral problems and learning a lot too!

I thought I’d be saying Im delighted to take more classes but honestly it’s a lot of work!!!! Today was day 2 of 6 and I’ve learned that my dog is a high maintenance boy around other stimuli, he’s easily distracted and pulls hard. He’s a big big so it’s a lot of work for me, so I have a lot of to work to do with him! I know he is a lot of work but it will be worth it!!

But one thing I appreciated is that I’m really the one getting trained! Quite literally im learning what a dog really needs, which is leadership!! My Bruno needs to want to follow my lead!! So by using treats, good quality treats and rewards I’m being helped to do that!! I’m Learning to help Bruno become a better Dog!! Funny thing is that when I bring him home from class or take him for a long walk he’s a better behaved dog and follows me everywhere.. I’m Learning to help him change his behavior!! I love learning! The class is totally hands on and these real life scenarios instantly shows us where he needs improvement!! I’m grateful for that even though it’s hard work!!

I’m so grateful for Maria, she’s a wonderful trainer!! I appreciate her patience and knowledge!! Today it down poured so our class finished early but afterward her and I stood dripping wet under a tree, and she gave me more pointers!! I will be working on military walking with Bruno! Thanks so much!!


So overall we had a good day, hopefully bruno and I will do better next class!!

Thanks for following along this journey!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day, hopefully something in this post can help you in some way 🙂



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