Delightful walks in the rain & why it’s so worth it!

Rain or shine, what are the benefits of walking in most types of weather?? For one you still get out, 2nd it can be so refreshing and fun, 3rd great photo opportunities!! Simply prepare for it and it is awesome… bring a raincoat, umbrella or a poncho!  It’s not advisable to go out when it’s storming or thunder and lightening!!  But a drizzle or shower, no problem!!

So the other day it rained, it was abit drizzly but nothing major so we ventured out, it was not very cold either so it was a perfect opportunity to still get our exercise in and we had a wonderful time taking pictures!  So worth it!! I wore a sweater but by the end of our walk I was in my tank top, it got muggy and hot!!

unfortunatly some people are fair weather walkers, and that’s fine but I find it interesting when I’m walking along, minding my own business enjoying  the light drizzle on my face and neighbors comment that it’s too bad it’s raining…. I say “I love it!! I love walking in the rain!!” There all types of rain, but a light drizzle is ok with me.. a downpour can still be fun but without the right gear it’s not so fun and can be dangerous.. so beware and it’s probably not a good idea to walk in stormy weather.. I’ve seen storms come by and take down trees.. avoid those types of circumstances If possible!!

Here are some pics of our adventure this week, we had so much fun!!





So If you’re cooped up at home and need some stress relief, give walking on a trail, around the block or around a park, a try!!  Wear your mask and pack the water, snacks and rain stuff if it’s in the forecast and have a wonderful time!!

I always love sharing a piece of Maine with you… hope you’re enjoying my pics?? Can make it to the mountains, no worries just take your walk and imagine it…then visit when you can.. that’s for you Cecilia.. big hugs your way!!

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!!


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