Colorful Almond buttered Toast, blueberries & oranges¡!

D5E07B7A-4A82-4943-B0A3-F549CB8BBA5ESo beautiful, colorful and yummy!! Almond buttered toast on 12 grain bread topped with blueberries then drizzled with maple syrup!!! Simple but delicious!! I’m really loving eating healthier!! So if you need a simple breakfast pick up a jar of almond butter 🙂

Almond butter is an alternative to peanut butter, it costs alittle more than peanut butter but for a nice treat now and again it’s worth it!!

Its been almost a year since I’ve eaten peanut butter unfortunately! It was one of my favorite topping for toast combined  with jelly or honey or in a sandwich, I loved it!,  but when my asthma started flaring up alittle more regularly I found that  it’s been shown to cause inflammation and can cause problems especially for asthma sufferers…so out went the peanut butter for me…although my family still enjoys it!!  Booo…So having an almond toast for me was delightful!! Yummy!!

I love how colorful my plates are becoming these days, I’m trying to add more fruits and vegetables-plants to my diet!! (The entire Family is benefiting) I’m loving it, maybe too much, I’m finding I’m overeating….Lol!

Have a wonderful day!! Thanks for visiting 🙂

* healthy tip: why not exchange your white bread for whole grains, oat or wheat…you’ll feel fuller and eat less!!

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