A simple & inexpensive way to find inspiration, our fun visit to a Bookstore!!

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We just came home from spending time at the mall!!  Didn’t find anything we were looking for!! No shoes, no necklace and bracelet set for bella but That’s ok because we had fun!! A great place we visited was a bookstore called Booksamillion!! What a wonderful little place!!  I was enthralled by all this little nook has to offer!! Books, toys, stuffed animals, pens, paper…legos!  My kids enjoyed themselves too, even though we didn’t buy anything, but of course they would have loved to buy lots of different things here! Bella was alittle disappointed because we had agreed beforehand to just look around!!  She had a stuffed dog pillow in her hand she wanted me to buy her and another thing.. she’s too cute.. maybe next time 🙂

Just going into this store was so motivating!! Im not sure but could it have been the advertising? placement of merchandise? Lighting? Whatever it was, i thought it was a wonderful experience!! I was thinking if someone was down in the dumps this would be a great place to get motivated and uplifted!! So many subjects to look at even if you didn’t purchase anything!!  The beautiful covers and variety of topics are great!! When you walk in you’ll see so many inspiring books, you open your mind to new ideas! Travel, Cookbooks, how about Suzanne Somers, “Two’s Company”, Pavlov’s Dog, inspirational fiction, kids books, squeezies, Comics, Kids Comics.. my kids love Comics and Graphic novels!! They like the Dog Man series and Bad Guys!! These are just to name a few!

My son loved wearing the masks they had there!! Too bad i didn’t have room in my phone for a picture.. awwww!! So cute!!

I personally love books!! My kiddos love books too!! I particularly love them because you can learn anything from a book!! My brother used to laughs at me because when i was working on something I’d check out or would buy a book about it… painting?cooking? Decorating? I absolutely love books!! I think they are wonderful, inspiring!! I still love them!!

So Have you ever thought of checking out your local bookstore or library? Maybe your stuck in a rut… maybe you’re in need of a new hobby? Or a hobby? I was thinking when i walked into the bookstore tonight, how amazing!! All this really neat stuff!! As i looked around at all the different titles that my eyes could scan, as i walked slowly behind my kiddos, I realized there were a lot of subjects here!!  I thought what a wonderful place, Even if you just want to get energized, it really was a mind and eye-opening experience, a great place for anyone to visit and get inspiration from!!

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It was my sons good idea to go into Booksamillion!! So glad we stopped in!!

We also got to meet Eliza, a wonderful sales associates!! She was very proud of the community bookstore customers 💗  Love!! http://www.booksamillion.com find this or local bookstore near you!!

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