My blog Is now available in many languages!! Yay!!

Super excited my blog can now be viewed in another language, other than English!! Just use the translate widget located on the side bar!! I love it!! My mother tongue is actually Spanish, so i was super excited to read some of my posts in Spanish!! Love love love it!! My mother is originally from Mexico and my pops is actually part Mexican too!!

Let me tell you alittle about myself. When i moved to maine, from Washington state i actually understood better than speaking Spanish.. growing up my mom spoke to us in Spanish and we would respond and speak to her in English!! Lol!! So i guess I didn’t have to use it much!!  It’s kinda funny that moving here helped me improve my español!  I was kinda isolated, ok a lot isolated which helped me get back to my roots i think and it helped alleviate being home sick too.  There was a need in the area to communicate with migrant workers and being there were very few bilingual people around, i was one of the lucky ones!!   So it was an amazing experience for me really (and ahora) and now i can read, write and am a little more fluent in Spanish than i was before!!  A lot of my Spanish i learned from going to my Spanish congregation, learning theocratic Spanish and teaching people about the Bible in Spanish which has been such a special blessing!!  I recommend going to  which is the most widely translated website in the world,  it has wonderful inspiring information from the Bible!! It’s truly the best website!!

So I’m excited that the translation feature is available here!! Yay!!

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