Opening day of Hunting Season, why it’s important to know this??

Todays a special day for hunters here in Maine, it’s opening day of the season for Maine residents!! This is So good to know so you can wear your blaze orange gear, for your safety til middle of December (apx.. December 14) . especially in the countryside and outskirts of town, For yourself, pets and kids too!! When is hunting season in your area?

If i could I’d have my own line of cute orange gear, who knows maybe in the future! Last year I made headbands for myself and bella to wear, so cute…when they are ready for sale I’ll let you know!! I think I’ll make them for friends to wear for now, they make great gifts.!! Or just show you how to make them 🙂

This week i think I’ll make bruno a cute outdoor outfit… because he can easily be mistaken for a small deer if he ever got away.. plus I’ll order this vest for him too…I guess I’m not completely ready for this season but hope this post helps you remember to be conscious of wearing your gear!!!!

heres are some gear suggestions from amazon for you, contains affiliate links

For alittle more style: And when visibility is important

or visit Walmart to be prepared for the season! Here’s my son in his orange vest, safety first!!


Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day & stay safe!!

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