Let there be water!! Yay!! Getting things move in ready is tough business!!

Today’s a monumental day for so many reasons.. first it’s the Memorial of our Lord Jesus Christ death at your local Kingdom Hall, all around the world!! Such a special event and important day! You are all invited… to find a location near you visit http://www.jw.org

But also we have water and working faucets at our country home!!! Yay!! I know it’s like a simple thing but when you’re about to move in, tomorrow …. it’s big!! Really big!! The idea of camping and no washer and dryer at our new house, and what!! no working sinks… brought me to tears.. probably stress related too.. lol!! So today is a very awesome day…

Here are some pictures that brought me so much Joy! We love our double sink from ikea.. btw! Totally recommend, we have one in our bathroom upstairs in our apartment!!


53C0EBE9-5A86-425C-9D8B-FDA55D32F5FC I’m so happy to share my excitement about our working sinks with you all! Yay!! Tomorrow is move in day at our country home! ready or not here we come!! Lol! Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading, liking and following along!!


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