Thrilled by another snowy week in Maine!

Good afternoon friends!! What a beautiful snowy day we woke up to here in Maine! Seems unreal that it was almost 60 degrees yesterday and today and for the next couple of  days, we are getting snow!!

Personally I love it, but I had to laugh when I was brushing off the wet snow, inches had already accumulated on my car, unbelievable I thought!


But then again, there are parking bans in effect until April 15th! So I guess it’s to be expected!!

I just loved sitting in my rocking chair watching the snow come down thru my window!


My son was ready to get out his summer clothes, this was before he looked out the window!! He literally had pulled out his plastic totes from his closet before I told him there was a surprise outside!! Can you tell we’ve been so busy we haven’t kept up with the weather, so that’s why this came as a surprise!

The kids are off to school! So no snow day today, but I like that the snow makes me feel like It turns down my batteries to energizer bunny on full battery to a slower bunny..,, there’s just something about snow I just love!,

I’m getting some errands done for the move and doing my bible volunteer work, but just had to share the excitement of our snow today! It just Made my day!! Thanks for reading, visiting, sharing and following 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy the snow!!


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