Set back with countertop… but I know everything will work out!! day 15

Hey everyone, hope you’re having an awesome day! There’s been so much going on around here!! Im going to start off with good things like how excited I am that weve had a couple of snow days! On this mornings drive we encountered so much wildlife, it was awesome! Turkeys and deer, boy can they move fast! Having my son home from school due to sickness, poor thing but I’ve enjoyed spending more time with him!! So I’m grateful I’ve had these beautiful blessings and have been surrounded by Jehovah Gods creation and beautiful winterwonderland by the lake this morning, before all the bad news… really helped me respond kindly and not be too overly disappointed!!

Unfortunately selling a home is not as easy as we had thought it would be but it has been a learning moment. At this time we are getting back to the buyer with buyer requests, and if the buyer is unreasonable in his/her requests, it could cost either party the sale!! So we will see what the buyer responds with as to the Conditions we have agreed to, either way we’re still moving out of our apartment!! No problem.. but surprising news was we had to decide today, based on yesterday’s findings… yikes,, 

The heartbreaking thing that happened at the remodeled home was the granite for the island was broken while being installed!! It was placed incorrectly then it came Crashing down… boom…’s a over 500lbs…. unbelievable…..When I saw the pictures, my heart sank!! I haven’t gone over yet but will check out the damage later.. we were so excited we’d be able to have a kitchen soon, I fell in love with our fantasy white counter tops,, now we’ll just have to wait…


Honestly these things happen, but it’s about how you’re going to deal with it… get angry? Nope… maybe alittle dissapointed but what ever happens it will be alright. They are going to replace this and hopefully the damage too!!  That’s what I’m telling myself and my husband! We’re taking things one day at a time!!

The best news though is when I got home, we got an unexpected check in the mail… thanks aa advantage! And I got more boxes for free to help with moving at dollar tree!

Thanks! So despite it all, we have so much to be thankful for won’t you agree? If your going thru some craziness, and lots of changes.. don’t forget everything will be alright with Gods help of course! So important to stay positive!! I need reminders sometimes…

Have a wonderful day 🙂

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