Missing our lake side view already!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you had a wonderful week!! We just got back from our week long remote, unplugged off the grid camping trip!! Today I’m reflecting on our awesome time 🙂

We had a lot of fun!! I surely miss our view from outside the tent door… but it will be engrained in my mind! I’ll be sharing some posts in the future!! I’m so excited to share more of our piece of paradise with you!! Maine is truly a vacationland, because everyone you go it’s absolutely gorgeous!! On this trip we also took a day to get a hike in and head into town!! I’ll share alittle about that later!! I have a few videos to share with you also!! I’ll be cross posting them from my YouTube channel!!

One of the Best things of all was that we left the site on a sunny day!! Yay!!

Although I liked being in the great outdoors, I must say I love sleeping in my own bed!! Can’t say how much I also Love running water!! And can’t forget the bathroom!! I love having a flushing toilet!! 😂 things we take for granted, for sure but it’s so nice to have gotten away from it all, even for just a week!! It’s a lot of work but so worth it! We’re making memories with the kids & they loved it!! So today I’m missing our view but it’s oh so nice to be home with all the conveniences!! What do you think of this view??

Goodbye Southarm!! Till next time 🙂

Have a wonderful evening friends 🙂

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