What a delightful adventure, remote island sunset video!!

Imagine If you could enjoy an evening sunset every night by the lake?? We experienced one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life while camping!! We were able to stay on an island for an entire week and enjoy many beautiful sunsets !!  I loved this one so much I wanted to share one with you!!
I know many are going thru difficult situations and need encouragement! I know I would love for families and friends to share this experience with us someday! So here’s a sample!! Also I know many live in places where it’s hard to take in nature right now so please enjoy this short video!!

Know that the beauty around us is a reminder of our heavenly fathers love!! It was so apparent on that amazing trip!! We spent a week on Metallak island, Maine!! So awesome!! We spend a wonderful week in our wall tent, warm and cozy!! I loved the Glamping look too!!  It was our splurge for our 20 yr anniversary gift!! Hope to share more inspirational Pics and posts of this adventure 🙂

What do you guys think?? Isn’t it amazing!! I hope one day you can experience this first hand!!

Have a wonderful day and enjoying life as much as you can!! If you can get out and enjoy nature I know you will love it!!

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