Ways to show thankfulness to friends who help you move!!

Good Afternoon!! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Today’s post will encourage you to be a helping hand to someone who is moving, and give you some practical suggestions even when you’re not able to lift a thing and if your moving how to show reasonableness & appreciation for your friends 🙂 food is on top of that list!! It’s always on top of mine…lol

Im beyond thankful for the friends who helped us with our move!! If you want to be someone ‘s forever friend, help them move!! At least that’s how I feel!!  I feel that helping  move is at the top of my list of why I love you!  I truly appreciated the help!!  My family did too!

In fact You can truly bond spending time together and not only does it make the work lighter but it can be so fun to do this monumental task together! That’s exactly what happened in our case, we had so much fun moving!! It was hard work and we are still tired and adjusting but we can’t get over how loved we felt after!! So although my family lives far away in Washington, our friends here in Maine really have become our family!! Thank you all so much 😘😘 that was such a beautiful demonstration of love for us… awww



So for our move We rented a uhaul, bought lots of boxes, picked up free ones too and asked a few Friends who offered to help to give us a hand! We’re so thankful to each and everyone who helped, because of it the move went very smoothly!!  This was our very first big move, even though we’ve moved as a couple once before.  living at our place for 18 years we had accumulated a lot of things where before we only had  a small truck load on our last move to now needing a uhaul and making 3 trips!! Yikes!!

  • So first of all if you’re the one getting help I feel it’s important to make sure you have everything boxed up and boxes taped before your helpers move you!  My husband has helped people move where he’s expecting to move boxes and the apartment is completely together and nothing boxed!! Oops…
  • also have snacks and drinks even just water available especially if it’s a big move.. I usually stay away from sweets and soda but this is a good time to pick up some snacks that will fuel your friends 🙂 I picked up brownies, small pies, assorted chips, ginger ale, juice and granola bars, cookies 🙂 for energy of Course!! My kids loved it!!
  • be reasonable, if you can move slowly… take it easy on your help, in other words don’t slave drive your friends.. we had two moves we worked with, a preliminary one weekend and a final move, both on saturdays !!  It was good for us but also for our friends…
  • I like to provide a meal after, you can even just provide pizza to show your thankfulness… it’s definitely an added bonus for your friends and family!! I feel that little added touch is so special
  • If your not able to provide a meal because you’re moving and can’t make or even think of ordering or picking something up sometimes people ask how they can help, this is where you can ask your friend to make a casserole or chili or something to help feed your hungry and tired crew!! Or have them pick up the pizza for you 🙂
  • So if you’re not able to lift a box you can offer to bring food to help 🙂 another friend Eunice brought me a rice to go with another turkey dinner! We Actually had two moving parties and turkey at both of them…lol here are some pics..

My friend Elsa helped me tremendously by bringing us a meal of  Angolan chicken, rice, and beans… for the first party! She asked and i knew I needed the help…it was a wonderful combo to go along with my turkey, the turkey I made in my turkey roaster! I must share my recipe with you some day it was super delicious!….you’re probably wondering why a turkey in April… that’s what happens when you have 3 in your freezer and you’re moving!! Lol!! 😂

I love having parties, can you tell!! Lol!


So I hope this has been helpful to you!! I know for me I’m determined to be more helpful to my friends, because moving is a tough job!! Hope you have a wonderful day and if you’re  moving a fun time doing so! Thanks for visiting, reading and following along 🙂

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