The Wild & Powerful Great Falls, Androscoggin River!!

Today’s nature inspiration comes from The River over the Falls, it was spectacular today!! I was in awe thinking of the demonstration of power of the mighty river, and loved The beautiful partial rainbow! It was also so nice taking a break from a busy weekend!! So after dropping the kids off at school it was time to take a mini  nature walk, good for the lungs too!! Hope you enjoy it too!!


Today’s video comes from the great falls or Lewiston Falls and the mighty Androscoggin River!! The river Is actually starting to come down from flood zone and it’s waters are starting to calm down!! But it was quite the experience walking near it and above it on the riverwalk, feeling the power and intensity of the water!! Yikes!!

Some of the water is from the rapidly melting snow but also it has rained so much our landscape  went from snow-covered to what seems like sprayed on green grass!!

So today was a sunny gorgeous day here in Maine!! Alittle windy but nice, hope you were able to enjoy it too!! 😘😘 thanks for visiting, reading , and following along 🙂  have a great evening!!


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